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The Mooney Family is excited to announce the creation of a charitable foundation. The “Keep the Faith Foundation” was incorporated by the state of Florida and approved by the IRS as a (501(c)3) charitable foundation. While the primary purpose of the foundation is to support military personnel in need of assistance, it has a secondary vision to provide support for students who require educational assistance.

Keep the Faith” has been an affirmation and a part of the Mooney support system since we have been a family. This affirmation signifies the desire to provide a sense of abundance, solace, hope, and peace to military personnel who are in time of sacrifice and to students who need educational support to further their goals.

The “Keep the Faith” Foundation is funded primarily by participation of family members, like-minded folks, and supporters in a variety of running, swimming, triathlon, lacrosse and other sport events. Events include the Orlando Baldwin Park Aquabike, the New York City Triathlon and the 25th El Tour De Tucson. This is a manner and token for giving back. As a family we have benefited from the educational assistance of our service academies. All members of the family have participated in college sports and continue to participate in sporting events. Sally and Mark also have strong educational bonds as educators, tutors, and educational publishers.

Mark (Father) graduated from the U.S Naval Academy in 1974 and completed his career of 28 years as a U.S Marine Corps Colonel (Reserve). Marc (son) is a member of the U.S Naval Academy class 2003 and served in Iraq as a Marine Corps Officer. Sarah Marie (daughter) is a member of the U.S Naval Academy class of 2005, served in the U.S Air Force, and is currently a graduate student at the College of Charleston. Michael (son) served one year at the U.S Air Force Academy, playing DIV I Lacrosse and is currently a student at the University of Florida.

Mark (Father) and Sarah (Mother) have both strong bonds in education. Sally (Mother) as a primary school teacher, tutor and owner of her own educational business. Mark (Father), as a college professor and member of three of the nation’s leading educational publishers.
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