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If you are interested in becoming a member of the KTF foundation ‘team’ please send your name, bio and a picture to with an agenda for your upcoming races, etc. Also feel free to invite friends and family to be a part of this foundation .

Unlike other fundraising foundations in which an athlete’s specific race raises money, a KTF participant can go about his/her race schedule and spot your race and use the site for friends and family to donate via the PayPal function. (Soon to be available). The fundraising is geared toward military members in need, and children in need of educational support.

It is an honor to invite you to participate and I am looking forward to watching everyone achieve their fitness goals, have fun and raise money along the way. To benefit those making tremendous sacrifices either for our country or to meet academic goals they have set for themselves.

Sarah Marie Mooney
  Sarah Marie Mooney

Alias “Sugar”; “Sweetpea”; “ Torch”College swimmer at U.S Naval Academy and U.S Air Force Academy lettered at both. U.S Air Force Officer Participated in 2006-2007 in Moss Creek Triathlon and completed the Tempe Arizona Ford Ironman, April 15 2007.

  Marc Mooney

Alias “Cosmo” College swimmer and rower at U.S Naval Academy 1st Place Hawaii Sprint Triathlon, 2007.
Marc was an age group swimmer growing up swam and rowed collegiately, lettering his sophomore year at the Naval Academy and rowing that summer at the Henley Regatta in England. He completed the arine Corps Marathon in 2003 and currently trains for triathlons. He recently completed his first at the Iroquois Point Triathlon in Hawaii where won the male military division.

Michael Mooney

Alias “Moondoggie” Co-captain Bishop Moore Lacrosse and 2006 Florida State lacrosse Runner-up One year DIV I lacrosse at U.S Air Force Academy .

Sarah Marie Mooney
  Mark Mooney

Alias “Pops”, “Maddog”.Participated in 2006-2007 in Moss Creek Aqua bike; Orlando Baldwin AquaBike 1st place in Age Group.New York Triathlon and over 20 Triathlons since 1980.

  Sally Mooney

Family supporter since 1974

david Burgess
  David Burgess

David was an age group swimmer growing up, and swam competitively through college. He has completed the New York Marathon on two occasions, as well as running the Chicago, and Nashville marathons. Additionally he has run numerous ½ marathons, and the Reach The Beach endurance team relay event in the north east. David is a sub 1:32 ½ marathoner, as well as being a sub 19 minute 5K , and a sub 40 minute 10K racer.

David began training for triathlons a year and a half ago and, after competing in sprint and Olympic distance events, is targeting his training for a half Ironman distance event in early 2008.

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